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We make a point to handle all wildlife humanely from the time of capture to their final disposition including while a trapped animal is in a trap, under our direct control using an approved animal control pole and when under our care in temporary animal transfer cages.We always use professional equipment such as a catch pole, approved humane animal traps, nets, cat graspers and snake tongs.

We try whenever possible to use trapping methods to reduce stress on the captured animal by selecting locations with reduced exposure to other humans, pets and severe weather conditions. With skunk trapping we always use a trap cover to allow for a safe blind spot to walk up to the trapped skunk and reduce the chances of the skunk spraying while trying to do correct skunk removal near Manistee.

There are many ways wildlife is controlled with the most obvious being animal trapping but we gpo the distance we make every attempt to exclude the animal from entry using fencing, repairing , installing and replacing covers and screens including chimney caps,roof and attic vents, dryer exhaust vent  and weep vents. We use quality crevice sealers which may include Copper Stuff it, and X-Cluder. While on your premises we will do a thorough wildlife control inspection and identifyth best methods to control and prevent future wildlife intrusions.

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