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Skunks In Michigan

Most of us have all seen a skunk before. When we spot one we tend to sprint away. We recognize their black fur with a broad white stripe. They are generally seen under our decks or coming out of the dens they made within a hole on our property. They make their home in the soil, so they have easy access to eating grubs and insects beneath the grass. They can also be spotted rummaging through garbage.

Because they are nearsighted and close to blind, they move around using their mediocre sense of smell. When they sense danger or being threatened, their scent glands around their anus trigger a disgusting smelling spray, which is an oily liquid that can spray up to twenty feet. As soon as you hear them stomp, or raise their tail, beware!

An additional note of caution for all of us to be aware of is that they can carry rabies.

At A.B.S. Wildlife control we provide humane trapping techniques. We trap them than relocate them to a wooded area far removed from homes and commercial buildings. Our methods involve calming the skunk down, so no one gets sprayed during the process.

If you are in need of a skunk or a family of skunks to be removed from your property we are here to help. We provide skunk trapping, removal and control services using humane techniques. Give a call or feel free to fill out the online form. We will get back to you shortly and looking forward to helping you. 

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