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A.B.S. Wildlife Control is a family owned business that provides environmentally responsible and humane techniques to remove and control unwanted wildlife animals. Our staff is highly trained, licensed and certified by the state of Michigan.

Our goal is to quickly and humanely remove wildlife from the property. We do not exterminate we use exclusion methods. Some wildlife animals leave a scent which we stop and control. Many can cause severe damage to the dwelling which we repair.

There is nothing we cannot do, no area we cannot reach, we deal with all situations.

Our Services

A.B.S. Wildlife Control knows how removing and controlling wildlife can be difficult therefore we have implemented several services that can deal with all types of wildlife entering both residential, commerical and industrial properties. We know the damage that these animals can cause. That is why we not only provide wildlife removal and control we provide damage repairs and odor control.

Meet Al Schroeder and get in touch to see why you should choose A.B.S. to help you resolve your wildlife issues.

Why Choose Us

We provide environmentally responsible and humane wildlife animal removal and control services.

Certified Professionals

Due to the severity of what can happen with wildlife on a property it is essential to hire a licensed and certified professional. 

Humane Trapping

We are certified experts in humane trapping and we always adhere to the standards of what is considered humane at all times. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can rest assured knowing that when you hire A.B.S. Wildlife Removal and Control your wildlife issues will be resolved permanently.

Fair Prices

Our prices will always remain affordable and fair. All fees will be shared upfront. There will never be any hidden costs.

24 / 7 Opened

We understand that at times their may be a need for a wildlife animal to be removed after hours. We are here to help.

Best Services

We take pride in the services we offer and are passionate about helping each and every person in need of wildlife services.


We have used ABS for bats, skunks, raccoons and moles. They are very diligent and efficient. We highly recommend this service for wildlife control.

5 STARS .. Patrice W.

A.B.S. Wildlife Services is the one you need to turn to for all all your wildlife issues. Very professional and effective.

5 STARS .. Dennis M.

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