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Manistee Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Specialists

A.B.S. Wildlife Control Service of Arcadia MI is insured and licensed in the State of Michigan by the DNR , also a member of the Michigan Trapper and Predator Callers Association.

We services homes, business, commercial and industrial near Traverse City, Cadillac, Manistee, Arcadia, Onekama, Wellston Harrietta, Thompsonville, Manton, Fife Lake, Kalkaska, Beulah and Empire MI.

This is the beginning of mole season around here.  This is the time to get after them.  If you live in Manistee or Benzie County,  give me a call.  I have solutions for moles.  I can help.

fox under a deck

A fox we captured underneath a deck in Cadillac, Michigan.

Need Bat Removal Services in Michigan? Visit The Bat Removal Pro Network.


A bounty of captures! The top row is a loot of Eastern Moles we caught, and the bottom 3 are Voles, which are similar to moles as far as damage, but they resemble a rat or large field mouse in appearance.

We offer permanent control solutions for wildlife and animal removal to homeowners, property managers, businesses, and municipal governments. We achieve this by using the most advanced wildlife technology in detection, prevention, repairs, and clean up of wildlife problems. We offer humane solutions, utilize the most modern and up-to-date methods and equipment, by using proven techniques that are safe for your family, pets, home, and business.

We service all of Manistee, Benzie and Wexford Counties.

Manistee Animal Removal

Professional animal removal services near Manistee, Traverse City and Cadillac Michigan. We trap remove and control bats, birds, badger, beaver, coyote, coy dogs, ermine, fox, groundhogs, mice, mink, muskrat, moles, opossum, otter, raccoon, rats, rodents, skunk, squirrel, snakes woodchucks and other nuisance wildlife.


Manistee Wildlife Control

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We make a point to handle all wildlife humanely from the time of capture to their final disposition including while a trapped animal is in a trap, under our direct control using an approved animal control pole and when under our care in temporary animal transfer cages.We always use professional equipment such as a catch pole, approved humane animal traps, nets, cat graspers and snake tongs.

We try whenever possible to use trapping methods to reduce stress on the captured animal by selecting locations with reduced exposure to other humans, pets and severe weather conditions. With skunk trapping we always use a trap cover to allow for a safe blind spot to walk up to the trapped skunk and reduce the chances of the skunk spraying while trying to do correct skunk removal near Manistee.

There are many ways wildlife is controlled with the most obvious being animal trapping but we gpo the distance we make every attempt to exclude the animal from entry using fencing, repairing , installing and replacing covers and screens including chimney caps,roof and attic vents, dryer exhaust vent  and weep vents. We use quality crevice sealers which may include Copper Stuff it, and X-Cluder. While on your premises we will do a thorough wildlife control inspection and identifyth best methods to control and prevent future wildlife intrusions.

Manistee Mole Control

Moles are very small mammals that live most of their entire lives underground. Moles are rarely ever seen other then the damage they eave in lawns. Moles and their damage are easily confused with other small mammals like voles, pocket gophers, mice, shrews,  and ground squirrels.

The most conspicuous features of the mole are its greatly enlarged, paddlelike forefeet and prominent toenails, which enable it to “swim” through the soil. Moles have strong legs, short necks and elongated heads. They lack external ears, and their eyes are so small that at first glance they appear to be missing.

A mole’s fur is soft and brownish to grayish with silver highlights. When brushed, the fur offers no resistance in either direction, enabling the mole to travel either backward or forward within burrows.

Moles prefer moist, sandy loam soils in lawns, gardens, pastures and woodlands. They generally avoid heavy, dry clay soils. They construct extensive underground passageways — shallow surface tunnels for spring, summer and fall; deep, permanent tunnels for winter use. Nest cavities are located underground, connecting with the deep tunnels.

Because moles have high energy requirements, they have large appetites. They can eat 70 to 80 percent of their weight daily. They actively feed day and night at all times of the year. Moles feed on mature insects, snail larvae, spiders, small vertebrates, earthworms, and occasionally small amounts of vegetation. Earthworms and white grubs are preferred foods.

Mole activity in lawns or fields usually shows up as ridges of upheaved soil. The ridges are created where the runways are constructed as the animals move about foraging for food. Burrowing activity occurs year-round, but peaks during warm, wet months. Some of these tunnels are used as travel lanes and may be abandoned immediately after being dug. Mounds of soil called molehills may be brought to the surface of the ground as moles dig deep, permanent tunnels and nest cavities.

Moles breed in late winter or spring and have a gestation period of about four to six weeks. Single annual litters of two to five young are born in March, April or May. Young moles are born hairless and helpless, but growth and development occur rapidly. About four weeks after birth, the moles leave the nest and fend for themselves.

Moles in the natural environment cause little damage. They are seldom noticed until their tunneling activity becomes apparent in lawns, gardens, golf courses, pastures, or other grass and turf areas.

We trap, control and remove moles near Manistee Traverse City and Cadillac.

We trap ,control and remove moles damaging yards, grass, lawn and turf. In every sense of the word we know how to trap moles.We never use poisons or pesticides.

Manistee Predator Control

We offer a wide variety of prefessional predator control techniques to help in the removal of problem coyotes, fox, raccoon squirrel and other known predators.

We offer predator hunting and predator trappings services near Manistee , Traverse City and Cadillac MI.

Manistee Rodent Control

We take the common sense approach to most rat and mouse problems by eliminating points of entry and exit and use gang set trapping and posite settings whenever possible. We have had a lot of success sealing up homes by rodent proofing and then following it up with an aggressive interior and exterior trap out of rodents and reduction of the population of rodents  rats and mice in your area.

We provide Manistee rat Control and Manistee Mouse Control Services.

Manistee Snake Removal

We often use snake tongs for snake control. We recommend treating all snakes as possibly venomous for two reasons misidentification and that even the bite of many non venomous snakes often requires medical treatment. Please never try to pick up a snake and leave it to a professional snake handler unless you know what it is and know how not to be bitten by  the snake.

Need snake removal near Manistee, Traverse City or Cadillac MI. Please call for Manistee Snake removal.